On failure and how to use it.


“Man learns little from success, but much from failure”

  • Arabic Proverb

I’ve failed several times to start this blog, considering the fact that it’s been on my mind for months.

The idea for starting this blog was actually the concept of failure, as there have been some great TED talks on the subject. Well actually, it was several sorts of failure which led to me thinking about starting a blog, and writing a post about failure. Which probably explains why the blog posts concerning the subject (and the TED talks) appealed to me.

Some things just don’t work out. In that case, make the most of a scenario by seeing what you can salvage from it – at the least – experience is gained.

After spending the last few months of 2016 searching for jobs in all the wrong places (not quite literally, but I definitely wasn’t sure of what I wanted, and so ended up in a bit of a spiral) and being frustrated at every turn when I did start to make progress, I finally seemed to be getting somewhere when a minor operation on my back went pretty badly, and changed up my plans for the first part of this year.

During the past couple of months I’ve really re-evaluated what’s important to me, in a job, possibly in a career, but also in life in general. I really like writing. In fact, the buzz I get from writing something, finalising its visual presentation, and then awaiting the public reaction, is probably similar to that feeling of anticipation when performers are waiting in the wings, just about to go on stage, or when you’re cooking, and you dish up, and you’re just pausing for a moment, inhaling the fragrance of the food and watching everyone’s expression change slightly as they take their first few mouthfuls.

In short, I get so much enjoyment out of blogging that I’ve realised that part of the reason why these past few months have moved so slowly for me is because I felt like I was just moving between one temporary job after another, and I didn’t get the fulfillment that I wanted out of work. Some days, I felt pretty disengaged with everything to be honest.

It’s not productive to pursue every idea. Think about which approach could prove most fruitful, and focus on that for a while.

It’s silly really, but I was so caught up in the idea that “I can’t blog if I have nothing to blog about”, because I really believed that my life was at some sort of standstill. Actually, most young people spend the first few years after graduating trying to find a decent job, and decide what kind of career they want. Nothing’s set in stone to begin with, and nothing’s permanent anyway from that point onwards.

Finally, this blog. What is it? I’ve just covered the “why is it?” part. Well, I’m hoping to write posts on a few different (but closely connected) topics, which align to my main interests; Travel, Education and Personal Development. The meta-part here is that another keen interest of mine, already described, writing, will be intrinsically covered as I write this blog.

I’m sorry for being late, if you were looking for this blog around 4 months ago, I understand. It was present, but only in the Library of the Imagination, or the Dream Library, as Neil Gaiman called it. It only existed in my mind, as something that I should, could (but not necessarily would ) write. It’s been checked out of there now, you’ll be glad to hear, after I collected it myself and am in the process of publishing it online. I hope that you enjoy it!


5 thoughts on “On failure and how to use it.”

  1. Hey Nikita! I really enjoyed reading this, and your point about deriving a kind of pure, unadulterated pleasure from writing/blogging totally resonates with me 🙂 Big cyber high-five from a fellow blogger here!

    Would be great to have you as a guest blogger on Classic Jenisms – let me know if you’d be up for it and we can work something out xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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