"Names" written in several languages

How this blog got its name.

Everyone loves an origins story, whether it’s Batman Begins or How the leopard got his spots (Rudyard Kipling).

So here’s the conversation that decided the name of this blog;

Me: “I need a name for my blog, how about Where she went? or The places she goes?”

Sister: “Maybe not that last one…”

Me: “Then what? You can’t criticise without putting your own suggestion forward”.

Sister: “You need something more classic”.

Me: ……”classic?”

[after a pause of approximately three seconds]

Sister: “How about…The Great Nikita? Or “Pride and Nikita?”

Me: “Ok, stop now…”

Sister: “Nikita and the Beast, Nikita Twist…Nikita Times…”

Me: “There’s Finding Nikita, but that just sounds like a Hipster Instagram handle…”

Sister: “Gone with Nikita!”

Throwing away my previous ideas, I got to work.

Lessons learnt;

  • New people come with their own ideas, a fresh perspective is nearly always beneficial, don’t be too hurt if one/all of your original concepts gets rejected.
  • One of the hardest things about starting a new project (like a blog) is naming it. It’s honestly half the battle. Now I realise why so many classic novels actually went through several title changes!

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