Shanghai in Fragments

Stone stands like rock, petra, withstanding the ceaseless beating of a tide/

which has already turned on itself.

Fragments shored against the inevitable.

The river (黄浦) was once, too, at the full/

of Pigs, actually, though it was not their year,

though faith was lost it cannot be destroyed.

Skyscrapers on one side, wreckage on the other, across the wide gulf of this absurdity.

The future is discernable, but disputed, a shadow of the wind/

which waits for no person, the clocks won’t stop, in a city that no longer sees the sun, to mark the passing of a river of stars (星河).

A desolate place, yet evergreen. A mansion that became a ruin (ruina, a fall), a forlorn home that accommodates all who enter, the tempest-tossed, on the river, the sea: Shanghai 上海

星河xīng hé,a dated noun for the galaxy, the Milky way , the literal meaning is a river of stars 

黄浦 – huáng pǔ,the main river which flows through Shanghai  




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