Shanghai, olonial, architecture

Minutiae, or In Search of Lost Time

Now: 英国,英格兰 /England

Minutiae, noun.

Life’s trivial, yet significant, details. Usually plural, but sometimes defiantly singular.

Then: 多伦路,虹口 (central Shanghai)

Sometimes somewhere feels so empty, so devoid of people, and yet so tangibly full of what was there, that particles start to break down. You’re sure you can eat a slice of it.

ruined bulding, demolition, Shanghai

Or maybe it eats you, thoughts cannibalising on feeling. Why is everything in fragments?


I wander the streets again, in my mind’s eye. I keep checking my bag. What’s wrong?

old building, architecture


I feel like I’ve lost something… no, I know it now.

interactive exhibition in Chinese and English


Because I have. What’s gone?

That was just a dream, perhaps. Like a distant memory of a once-tasted delicacy. Where did all the ideas go?


In reality, or this version of it, I am still inside, waiting, until I can emerge. I don’t know what happens if I stay anymore, so I go, I cast off, raise the anchor. Cast off the doubts.

Trying not to be swallowed by the enormity of the past.

old bench, vines