Disenchantment: a fable

A jay and a rabbit have a conversation about humans.


The Advantages and Disadvantages of taking an Unconventional Career Path

The road to true career development never did run smooth...

Rivers and mountains (are not the same thing). 山和水不一样的.

The following post may appeal to you if... Your LinkedIn profile still reads “looking for opportunities” (well, at least you learned how to turn on that setting, that’s not a bad thing). Your CV shows more ad hoc, overlapping work than most of your graduating class.

How this blog got its name.

"Names" written in several languages

Everyone loves an origins story, whether it's Batman Begins or How the leopard got his spots (Rudyard Kipling). So here's the conversation that decided the name of this blog; Me: "I need a name for my blog, how about Where she went? or The places she goes?" Sister: "Maybe not that last one..." Me: "Then what? You can't criticise without putting your… Continue reading How this blog got its name.