Once upon a time in Huzhou

Once upon a time in Huzhou, where the river runs through the old town, a foreigner encountered three fine treasures, and many more wonders besides...

Adventures in Urbanity

In modern China, explosive growth is the macrocosm, but what of the fate of individual neighbourhoods, destined for posterity?

Rivers and mountains (are not the same thing). 山和水不一样的.

The following post may appeal to you if... Your LinkedIn profile still reads “looking for opportunities” (well, at least you learned how to turn on that setting, that’s not a bad thing). Your CV shows more ad hoc, overlapping work than most of your graduating class.

Intriguing Idioms – how the smallest of phrases opens windows into Chinese culture. 中国的成语和文化

Let's not beat around the bush. Understanding idioms is crucial to understanding the mindset of a native speaker. So, a penny for your thoughts?